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Ooty, which is also known as Udhagamandalam is situated in the Nilgiri district of Tamilnadu state. This is the biggest town of this district. Ooty is famous as hill town and Nilgiri hills are the biggest stop for people who come here. Tamilnadu’s Coimbatore is just one and half hours away from here. This small town got recognized mainly at the time of east India Company rule. Economy of this town is dependent on the tourism and agriculture. This town has near about 1 lakh population, which is growing up at rapid rate.


Climate of Ooty: this hill town is located in the southern part of India but its climate is different from this part of country. Throughout the year, you can enjoy pleasant climate in the hill town. You will get amazed to know that highest temperature recorded here is 25 degree Celsius. On the other side lowest temperature of all time is -2 degree Celsius. This is a unique climate of its own type.


This hill town is popularly known for the agriculture of tea and coffee. This still is still highly dependent on the agriculture and tourism as its local market is one of the India’s largest market. With influx of tourism in city, many hotels and resorts have come in this city.


How to Reach Ooty?


Road: this hill town is connected with all cities in the southern part of India. Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Kochi and all other major cities are directly connected. All districts of Tamil Nadu are also directly connected with this hill town.


Train: if you have planned to come to Ooty then you should de-board at the Udhagamandalam station, which is the nearest station here. Nilgiri mountain railway is one of the oldest in country and well known because of its scenic beauty. This has been also recognized as the world heritage site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.


Air: when it comes to air connectivity then this area is little weak because this town has no airport though helicopter services are easily available. If you are planning to come through air then Coimbatore and Bangalore are options for you. Government is providing helicopter services through pawan hans.


You will get surprised to know that Ooty is well known for the boarding schools. From the time of east India Company, many boarding schools have come and got wide acceptability here. People from many parts of the India as well as abroad come here to enjoy quality education.


Let us now consider some of the landmarks, which people often opt to see here:

  • Rose garden: this is one of the biggest rose gardens in city. With the name of rose garden, Chandigarh based Zakir rose garden comes in mind but after that it is Ooty based rose garden, which is popularly known all across the country.
  • Botanical garden: this is more than 150 years old garden as it has served as major source for the various pharma companies, which are based here. For its wide variety in the herbs, this garden is known all across the country.
  • Lake at Ooty: you would get surprised to know that this lake has occupied area more than 70 acres. It would be not wrong to say that this small town has been specially blessed by the east India Company because this lake has been built during their regime.
  • Kal Bangla: constructed more than hundred years back and still the same as was earlier.
  • Mud huts or Toda huts: these huts are extremely popular as they have been built by local tribal but unfortunately these huts are losing their identity with time and getting replaced by the concrete.
  • Mountain train, UNESCO world heritage site
  • Many parks are located in Ooty especially Dear Park where maximum tourists come.

Some other tourist’s attractions at Ooty are as below:

  • Mountain peak located at doddabetta: though you will have to travel some ten kilometers to reach this place but you will enjoy scenic beauty here. It is considered that this is the highest peak of the Nilgiri mountain range.
  • You can also go and check river Pykara. This is considered as sacred river for the local tribal population.
  • Forest of pine
  • Kamraj sagar dam
  • Needle and frog hill
  • Upper bhavani lake

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