Deatails of Climate in Ooty

Climate of Ooty: as the name of this hill town comes in mind, we start imagination about its typical climate. Entire year, you will find pleasant weather in this hill town. If you are planning to visit Ooty then there is nothing to wait for a specific climate as this town is ready entire year to welcome you. During the British rule, this was an extremely popular spot in the summers. If you want to see maximum colors then we will recommend you to visit during the spring time.

You will be surprised to know that during summers even temperature of this place does not go beyond 25 degree Celsius. In the time of summers, you will find all hotels in city with tourists. When we consider winters then condition is slightly different as temperature goes down during this period of year. After September and till the month of February, you will find regular fall in temperature and the lowest recorded temperature is -2 degree Celsius.


When it comes to rainy season then there is huge difference in the temperature as it goes in the middle of summer and winter. Climate remains extremely pleasant during this period of time. During monsoon, you will panoramic view here in the hill station.

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